Beats and Animation: Art Moving Images: Film and Animation

Course Number: 4552

Description: Want to create music but don’t have an instrument? How about creating your very own digital animation? The Beats and Animation course at R2i2 offers you an opportunity to use DAW music software (digital audio workstation) as well as industry standard animation software to produce and sync your own music and animated short film. In this product-focused class you will create audio tracks with various effects, discover the difference between 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation, explore character design and motion graphics.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to develop a portfolio of originally produced music and animations. It will enable you to showcase your creativity, practical abilities and design thinking skills so that you can pursue your artistic dreams and careers in various exciting STEAM-based fields.

Number of Credits: 1

Certification: For students wanting to pursue a career in animation the Beats and Animation course offers them a complete career development path. The majority of the course is focused on teaching student’s 2D paperless and digital animation using an industry standard software called Toon Boom. Animation studios and professionals all over the world use Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro. This program prepares students for the Toon Boom Associate Certification. This certification is recognized by animation studios and enables students to prove their working knowledge of the software thus differentiating them as an industry expert.

Potential Careers: Animatic Editor, Animation Director, Animation Supervisor, Animator, Art Director, Assistant Director, Background Layout and Posing Artist, Casting Director, Voice Director, Character, Prop and Location Designer, Clean-Up Artist, Color Editor, Color Stylist, Colorist, Compositor, Director, Editing Coordinator, Editing Department Manager, Effects Designer: Computer Generated, Effects Designer, Information Technology (IT) Professional, Library Manager, Line Producer, Music Director, Music Editor, Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Rigging Artist, Scene Organization Manager, Render Operator, Scan Operator, Scene Set-up Artist, Sound Editor, Storyboard Artist, Story Editor, Technical Director, Xsheet Technician.

Salary Range*: $21/hour – $40/hour

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