Clean Energy Applications 2

Course Number: 638100CW or 638100HW: Next Energy Engineering 2

Honors or College Prep


Description: This course builds on the foundation of Course 1 and introduces nuclear power, bioenergy, fuel cells, geothermal power, water power, AC/DC power generation, heat transfer and the laws of thermodynamics. In addition, students now use chemical and thermal energy principles to create, store and use energy efficiently to power a variety of mechanical and electrical devices. Students will engage in a variety of hands-on design projects to demonstrate principles using advanced technology hardware and software.

Number of Credits: 1

Prerequisite: Successful completion of course 1 or permission of R2i2 instructor.

Certifications: CSDA (Certified Sustainable Design Associate) certification from Solidworks.

Potential Careers*: Environmental Scientists, Environmental Specialist, Scientific Researcher,Solar Power Engineering, Manufacturing for Solar Power, Solar Power Plant Development, Solar Power Plant Construction, Solar Power Plant Operations, Solar Photovoltaic Installers, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Maintenance, Hazardous Materials Removal Worker, Wind Turbine Service Technician, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Science and Protection Technician, Environmental Engineering Technician, Conservation Scientist, Physicist, Chemist, Materials Scientist

Salary Range: $39,000 – $106,000

Accomplishments and Awards: Clean Energy Applications students received a 2016-2017 Champions of the Environment grant for their Ecofitness project.


*Some careers and salary data from