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Josiyah has been with us for the entire year, taking Apple App Development, Computer Forensics, Marketing and Social Media, and Entrepreneurship (Food Truck).  Josiyah served as the chairperson for our annual Student Think Tank project, an event he titled “Embark”, and organized our African American Heritage celebration.


In the Fall, Josiyah will be attending Clemson University.


While there are many unique and wonderful things about Josiyah and his journey at R2i2, perhaps the one that will resonate the most with many of you is that Josiyah’s entire second semester at R2i2 was personalized just for him.


Already qualified for graduation after the Fall, Josiyah did not need any additional coursework to move on to Clemson.  However, after completing the Fall semester at R2i2 and seeing the opportunities to learn, create, and innovate here; he spoke to us about possibly coming back for Spring semester.


After looking at the schedule available, Josiyah wanted to explore something slightly different.  As he also works a part-time job that is important to him, he wanted to build something that fit around that.  He identified our Entrepreneurship (Food Truck) course as something he was interested in. He and Mrs. Fitch, our teacher for that class, came up with a schedule that was personalized, met the requirements for credit, and fit Josiyah’s needs.


Josiyah spends two full days with us this semester and does other course-work remotely.  To be able to do this is a testament to the dedication of Mrs. Fitch and her willingness to accommodate students’ needs as well as Josiyah and his willingness to commit to use his time wisely.


As a result of his participating in the Spring semester, not only has Josiyah gained from his work in class, but he was able to personally shepherd his Embark project through to completion.  This Student Think Tank project, created by Josiyah saw him and his team collect over 2,000 gently-used books for redistribution to families in need as well as to our adopted partner, Lonnie B. Nelson’s entire third grade class.  The 3rd graders joined us earlier this month for a morning of fun activities centered around reading, chose books for themselves, and got to begin dreaming about what they want to do at R2i2 when they get old enough to attend.


Lonnie B. teacher Kasandra Haskins commented:


“My students and I had the privilege to visit with you, other staff members, and some of your students during our “Embark” field study at R1i2.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for hosting our LBNE students and teachers as well as working to coordinate such an awesome learning experience for our little bees.

Our students had such a wonderful time.


It filled my heart with so much joy to see how elated our third graders were about the books and gift bag that they received. So much so that during our lunch that day, my students were dead silent, not per my request or direction, but rather, their excitement and engagement in their new literary treasures! A few of my students even switched out their backpack during the weekend and are now using the bag that they were gifted as their backpack! (SO PRECIOUS!!!)


Again, I just wanted to follow up and thank you for the opportunity that you helped us afford to our students at LBNE.

I hope that Lonnie B. and R2i2 can partner again in the future to continue to make amazing things happen for our students!”


All of this made possible because of a determined student, great teachers, and the willingness to personalize an experience designed around individual student dreams.


We want to help more students achieve their dreams.  Can you think of any students with a creative fire that we can work with?  We’d love to make them a part of the Innovator family!

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